CADA Terms and Conditions

The registering for an event organised by or on behalf of Experian South Africa (Pty) Ltd and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Experian”)
(the “Event”) and completing the registration form, you accept the following terms and conditions (this “Agreement”):

1. Introduction

1.1. You agree that this Agreement, together with all rules and/or regulations relating to the Event published by Experian on its website or any of its affiliates’ websites, sent via email and/or issued in writing by Experian from time to time, will govern your registration for, and attendance at the Event.
1.2. By completing the registration form and registering for the Event, you accordingly accept this Agreement and you authorise the Experian event team to contact you or your designated representatives regarding the status of your registration and/or relevant Event information.

2. Registration

2.1. Registration takes place by downloading and completing the registration form on https://cada.co.za/register-now/ in full, providing the relevant information and sending the form to [email protected]
2.2. Upon the completion of the Event registration process, you will be furnished with an email, confirming your booking.

3. Attendance

3.1. Subject to availability, you will be entitled to attend the Event by completing the Event registration form and making payment of the event fee together with value added tax as indicated on the registration form (“Attendance Fee”).
3.2. Attendance and access to the Event will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment of the Attendance Fee. No admittance to the Event will be granted without payment of the Attendance Fee being received in full by Experian at the latest 30 (thirty) days prior to the start date of the Event. Experian accordingly reserves the right of admission to the Event.
3.3. Accommodation at the Event is booked on a first come first served basis. The hotel rooms will be filled first, thereafter the estate houses will be filled. The group booking discount is only applicable to estate house bookings.

4. Activities
4.1. The activities at the Event are booked on a first come first served basis.
4.2. Once your activity has been booked, you will be unable to change your activity.
4.3. If you are late for your scheduled activity, you will be unable to select a different activity and will forfeit your right to attend an activity.

5. Payment Terms
5.1. The Attendance Fee shall be payable to Experian in full upon receipt of invoice and prior to Experian sending confirmation of attendance to the Event.
5.2. The full Attendance Fee shall be paid by the latest upon 30 (thirty) days prior to the start date of the Event, the failure of which will result in automatic cancellation of your registration and the forfeiture of any fees already paid up to such date as provided for in terms of clause 6.4.
5.3. All bank fees and/or money transfer costs shall be for your account and you should indicate your name as a reference on all bank deposits, transfers and communications.
5.4. Receipts and confirmation of attendance will only be issued once proof of payment has been received, and once the payment has cleared and been identified in Experian’s bank account.
5.5. Proof of payment is to be emailed to [email protected] together with your name.

6. Cancellation Terms
6.1. On completion of the Event registration form, you will be liable for the full amount of the Attendance Fee, subject to the cancellation conditions below.
6.2. All cancellations, amendments and substitution requests must be emailed to [email protected]
6.3. A cancellation by you of your registration for the Event will not be effective, unless an acknowledgement of cancellation is issued in writing by Experian or an automatic cancellation occurs in terms of clause 5.2.
6.4. Subject to Experian’s acceptance of such cancellation, cancellations received in writing at least 60 calendar days before the start date of the Event will receive a full refund, less a 10% (ten percent) administration fee. Cancellations received in writing after the date stipulated above will result in the full Attendance Fee payment being due as a cancellation fee.
6.5. Experian recommends transfer of registration to a new delegate to avoid any cancellation fees.
6.6. All refunds due (if any) will only be issued after the Event.
6.7. This Agreement shall be binding on all agreed substitutes.

7. Attendance at the Event
7.1. You agree to comply with all reasonable requests and/or instructions of Experian with respect to your registration for and attendance at the Event.
7.2. You are responsible for taking appropriate insurance cover relating to your attendance at the Event. Experian or any individuals associated with the Event shall not be liable for any kind of loss or damage to personal property, you or speakers.

8. Representations and Warranties
8.1. By completing the registration form you warrant that you have full capacity to conclude this agreement with Experian, and that you have read and understood the provisions contained herein and that you agree to be bound thereby.
8.2. You agree to provide accurate and current information, and not to impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with anyone or anything.
8.3. While speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the control of Experian may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, Experian reserves the right to amend, substitute add to and/or otherwise modify the Event program, Event speakers, special offers, competitions and other offerings related to the Event as may be published from time to time without any liability to the Experian whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on the Event web page as soon as possible.

9. Intellectual Property
9.1. You acknowledge that you do not have any right, title or interest, and agree that you will not claim any right, in or to any trade mark, trade name, logo or other intellectual property rights of Experian or the speakers related to the Event. No transfer of intellectual property rights will take place.

10. Data Protection
10.1. You understand and agree that in order to organise the event, Experian must collect and use personal information about you. The personal information provided by you to Experian will generally be used to process your registration, however, some other reasons may include the following: (i) to process any other transactions requested by you (i.e. flight bookings); (ii) to inform you of information and updates with regards to the Event; (iii) to inform you of new features, services, special offers and products, to which you consent to by registering for the event.
10.2. Experian shall take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information.

11. Liability
11.1. Experian (nor any of its subsidiaries and/or representatives) will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any injury, loss and/or damages, whether special, general, direct, indirect and/or consequential (including loss of profit, loss of business and/or any other type of economic loss), suffered by you, your members, employees, invitees, guests and/or customers, arising directly and/or indirectly from the Event. All warranties (whether express or implied) relating to the Event are excluded. To the extent permitted by law, you hereby indemnify Experian against all claims of whatsoever nature that may be made against Experian arising directly and/or indirectly from the Event.
11.2. You assume full responsibility and liability for the actions of your agents, employees, guests, invitees, customers and/or independent contractors, whether acting within or without the scope of their authority, and you agree to hold Experian harmless from responsibility or liability resulting directly and/or indirectly, and/or jointly, from the actions and/or omissions of your agents, employees, guests, invitees, customers and/or independent contractors, whether acting within or without the scope of their authority.
11.3. Experian shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from errors or omissions in its conference materials, nor shall Experian be liable for any damages resulting from the use of its conference materials or other information conveyed at the Event.

12. Status of this Agreement
12.1. For the avoidance of doubt, it is recorded that the provisions of this Agreement are legally binding on the Parties and the Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

13. Force Majeure
13.1. Neither Party shall be liable for damages for its failure to perform due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, fire, storm, flood, earthquake, explosion, accidents, public disorders, sabotage, acts of terrorism, acts of war, riots or acts of God. Accordingly, Experian shall have no liability if, in the case of an act of God or an event outside the control of Experian, the Event needs to be modified, shortened or cancelled.

14. Photography and Videography Disclosure
14.1. You (i) consent to Experian and/or their representatives taking photographs and/or video recordings at the Event of all Event related activities and parties, including of you, (ii) permit Experian and/or their representatives to use and distribute such footage, which may feature images of yourself, in advertising, promotions and/or other such marketing endeavours and/or documents of Experian and/or its representatives, whether in hardcopy, electronically or otherwise; (iii) waive your right to inspect and/or approve the photographs and/or video recordings and/or other finished products incorporating such graphics, including copies that may be created and/or appear in connection therewith; (iv) consent to Experian owning the copyright in such photographs and/or video recordings and/or derivatives thereof, with you waiving any claims based on the usage thereof and/or the works derived therefrom.

15. General 

15.1. Should any of the provisions of this Agreement be held to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed severable from the remaining provisions which shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If any provision held to be invalid is capable of amendment to render it valid, the Parties agree to negotiate an amendment to remove such invalidity.
15.2. You select as your chosen domicilium citandi et executandi for the giving of any notice to you and/or the service of any documents on you in terms of this Agreement, your physical address specified in the Event registration form.
15.3. You shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the Terms and Conditions and you are bound by them in all respects.