Keen to share your expertise?

Are you keen to share your expertise with like-minded professionals?
Or perhaps you have a great story to share? We’re looking for diverse, experienced and knowledgeable
speakers to present topics relevant to financial services firms in Sub-Saharan Africa and relating to:

Credit, Analytics & Decisioning

  • Advancements and trends in credit management around customer prospecting, origination, management and collections.
  • Establishing credit risk using transaction analytics and modelling.
  • Effective credit management by leveraging data and predictive analytics.
  • The latest advancements in machine learning, AI and scoring.
  • Using data and analytic capabilities to structure, solve, and manage problems.
  • Advancements in using non-traditional credit bureau data and machine learning for account origination.
  • Strategies to encourage positive payment behaviour.
  • Non-financial companies entering the banking and lending space (such as Facebook, Uber, etc.) as the new FinTechs.
  • Viability and reliability of social media and mobile-based credit scores in Africa.
  • The importance of a seamless customer onboarding journey.
  • Financial education-based smartphone apps to reduce arrears and delinquencies.
  • How to leverage automation to support decision-making in customer onboarding.
  • Collaboration with RegTechs for due diligence automation.

Fraud & Risk Prevention

  • Artificial intelligence used in risk prevention.
  • AI advancements to reduce payment risk.
  • Benefits and risks of “passwordless” authentication.
  • Why companies need to invest in cloud security as a potential mainstream computing platform.
  • Are extortion attacks a real concern in South Africa and rest of Africa?
  • Leading digitalisation innovations in the credit industry.

Date Trends

  • Impact of digital transformation on economies.
  • Impact of cybercrime on economies.
  • Economic factors impeding Industry 4.0 growth in Africa.
  • How do you run your global business strategy within ever-changing political environments?
  • How does Brexit affect UK and EU trade agreements with Africa?
  • The state of the SA population using bureau data i.e. debt to income ratio trends, default trends, access to credit, changes in the market, new credit, etc.

FinTech Trends

  • Advancements in blockchain, digital wallets, cryptocurrency, open banking, mobile money and online payments.
  • Using technology to improve financial inclusion, education, and market access.
  • Advancements and trends in digitalisation to improve customer experiences.
  • How banks and other FSPs can apply FinTech startup methodology to their business.
  • Is open banking capable of transforming Africa?

Marketing Analytics & Loyalty/Rewards

  • Loyalty and rewards trends for business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies.
  • Understanding the return on investment of rewards programmes using data analytics.
  • Geolocation and consumer targeting for proximity marketing.
  • Customer experience and new generations (Millennials and GenZ).
  • Personalisation of offers and tailored marketing.
  • Customer prospecting and engagement.
  • What customer intelligence is and how can you get value from it.
  • Market segmentation tools.
  • Using data and analytics to understand your customer is key to Loyalty and Rewards programmes.
  • Difficulties with targeting, segmentation and acquisition in the SME sector.

Customer Service

  • Personalised customer service experiences that are driven by more granular data and advanced analytics.
  • Regulatory acceptance of open banking – providing consumers with greater control over the use of their data.
  • Optimising back-office efficiencies: using automation and modern technologies to simplify core banking operations and reduce operational complexity.
  • Messaging 2.0 – how businesses are leveraging Messenger and WhatsApp as customer service tools.
  • Reaching customer where they are: using multiple social media touchpoints to provide customer service.

Dedicated Africa Sessions

  • Lending landscape in Africa.
  • Fraud prevention strategies in the financial industry.
  • Future of traditional and digital lending models in Africa.
  • FinTech in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Rise in investment in Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of FinTech advancements.
  • The continued growth of mobile money in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Using digital technologies to find opportunities in the challenges faced by Africa in the financial industry.
  • Overcoming the education gaps in African employees through training in technology.
  • Increased need for borderless payment innovations.
  • Why SMEs are key to growth in Africa.
  • Improving innovation through prioritising entrepreneurship.
  • Leveraging microanalytics in Africa to better understand the financial space.
  • Lessons the African Union could learn from the European Union.

You are welcome to send us your own exciting ideas for a topic related to the above themes.

Presentations should be about 20 minutes long. When submitting your application, please be as precise and descriptive as
possible – the more direct you are, the easier it is for our team to understand exactly what you would like to speak about.

The chosen speakers will be hosted by Experian and Compuscan (complimentary flights,
accommodation and meals included) for the duration of the conference.

#2020CADA will run from 2 – 4 September 2020 at the luxury Arabella Hotel in Hermanus;
with arrival activities starting from mid-day on 2 September, and conferencing taking place on
3 September (full day) and 4 September (half day). Conference concludes at lunch time on the 4th.

Email [email protected]xperian.com to submit your topic suggestion, proposal, or presentation by 04 May 2020.